Car battery charger plug into lighter

car battery charger plug into lighter

Lighter To Lighter Socket Car Starter Pack — Jump Start Your Car Via Cigarette /
Cigar Lighter Plug Charge car battery via cigarette lighter plug No more dirty .

The Battery Tender Cigarette Lighter Adapter allows you to charge your vehicle's
12 volt battery by connecting the Battery Tender battery charger to the cigarette .

Charges in 5 minutes
Provides 36 volts of emergency power when your car battery fails. StartMeUp2 is guaranteed to work if the starter clicks or the engine cranks too slowly to start. Simply plug in the patented StartMeUp2 to jump start a car battery through your cigarette lighter and in about 5 minutes you will jump start a car battery and are ready to go!

The technology to re-charge this type of product has not yet been developed. This is a disposible auto battery charger which is designed to get you out of a jam or emergency situation, typically in an isolated location where easily reached roadside service is not available, or will be time consuming, dangerous or costly. It is at this time you’ll be glad you have a StartMeUp2 car battery charger!

You can jumpstart a car without even having to lift the bonnet on either vehicle.
Simply insert the cigarette lighter style plug in to the car with the good battery and