Kustom car parts

kustom car parts

The Night Prowlers Kustom Car Parts Catalog is filled with over 1600 hard to find Kustom Car and Traditional Hot Rod parts and Accessories. If you don’t see what you are looking for, call us! We have many resources and we would be glad to help you locate the parts you need to get your car on the road, or to make those changes and additions to get it just right.

We all saw it happen! We all witnessed every step, but there was no explaining it. How did he know what to do? Why did he do what he did? What was going on in that obviously fertile and well plowed brain of his the last hour? We all wanted to question and grill him, but nobody said a word. We all just stood motionless staring at the engine as though we had just witnessed Jesus calming the storm.

So tell me, why is it that a bunch of guys and gals spanning multiple generations and multiple ethnicities who share a common passion for all things four wheeled cannot put aside their petty differences and “make nice. ”
I can hear the notification tone on my Android going nuts even as I peck on the keyboard of this computer.
Easy answer is that we all think whatever we are doing is better than whatever someone else is doing and that “WE” have it right and “THEY” have it wrong.

But as Jill and I roamed the Great Hall, we came upon one carparked over in a dimly lit corner of the complex that caught our attention and spoke to us in a way that only certain very special cars will doyou know what I meanyou can’t just give it a glance and walk on. You have to get closer. You have to linger and take in all the details. Then, out comes the camera because you don’t want to forget what you’ve seen, or because there was some little almost imperceptible detail that you discovered and you want to catalog for the future. Whatever the case is, you are drawn to the car like a Hummingbird to Nectar.

So your car isn’t 100% roadworthyjust make sure you take along the number of a buddy who is willing to rescue you when you leave the barn. If you’re afraid of chipping that high-dollar paint, drive a little slower. If you’re worried about getting dings in the parking lot, walk a little farther. There just isn’t any good excuse for not driving your car.